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The painter Uly Paya developed his "tendentialism" in the early 1990th. The word tendentialism is referring to the word "tendential". In this stand-alone style the artist visualizes tendencies of metaphyical emotions but also of conscious cognitions. Like the falling autumn leaves painted structures seem to follow a chaotic and senseless system. But the tendency of a painting and its whole message appear very quickly. Tendentialism follows the principles of physical laws like Heisenbergs uncertainty principle or the fluid mechanics. It is like a shoal that decrypts messages from the endless Sea and make them with itself visible. Every little piece gets his very important role and part. The process of painting tendentialism needs a high emotional concentration on the whole invisible message. The painter takes care of every little tendency. Uly Paya as the inventor of this style is developing this intense way of painting until today

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"your child"
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"the cry"
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"labyrinthic thoughts"
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"on the way"
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"sunset of Toskana"
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"dependence on imaginary truths"
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"being a human"
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