"I am not constructing outside......I am creating inside....
that is my way of living!"

Uly Paya was born as second son of parents being development workers in Malawi/Africa. Living his early years on the beaches of the delightful Lake Malawi Uly still recall colourful sceneries of water, light and tropical vegetation. He also remember frightful thunderstorms, the sound of drums from nearby villages and playing with his native friends. Lost paradise of childhood…….

After return to Europe his life was characterized by numerous changes of living places, moving between Vienna, Frankfurt, Villach/Austria and Salzburg. Since 1991 he is a resident of Vienna the home town of his mother. Besides studying physics and philosophy Uly intensified his earlier efforts in music and painting. However, it is his genuine conviction to be a musician and painter and, consequently, his main thrust and interest will continue to further “translate” his spiritual and cognitive imaginations.

The painter Uly Paya is the founder of several different and independent styles since the 90s like "cognition art", "emotional art" or "tendentialism".  At moment the complete works of Uly consists of more than 520 listed artworks. In this "Catalogue Raisonné" there are almost unique artworks that cannot be classified into art history easily. The artist always refuses creating series only to establish salable artworks for the art market.

The musician Uly made several CDs like "children's songs to philosophize" or his rock CD "open yourself" with his 15 minutes song "backroom door".

His last project was to create "live-art-cards" out of the best paintings and combined them with 28 live subjects. He developed the "7 columns of who you are". This can be bought in a nice box with two books (in German).


Kinderlieder CDs
(songs for children)